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Shipping Information

Green Coffee Beans Packaging

Our green coffee beans are packed in either sisal or jute bags to allow air to circulate freely. This ensures that our coffee does not lose its taste and aroma by the time it gets to our clients. The net weight is 60Kgs per bag. A full container will take 320 bags which is about 19.2 Metric Tons.

Transport of Coffee

We transport our coffee from the warehouse to the seaport of Mombasa by use of trucks. For ease of transport, we load the 60Kg sisal bags into containers. Each container carries a maximum of 320 bags to give a total of 19.2M/T. However the storage factor is 1.98 M/T 60 kg sisal bags FOB Mombasa.

Sending of coffee beans samples

Coffee beans as a commodity are expensive. We always advise our customers to get coffee sample from us for cupping to know the taste and the quality of coffee before they commit to purchase coffee from us. We offer these samples free. We normally discuss the size of the sample and the courier services with the customer.

Our Lead Time

Lead time of coffee supply is 21 days after the letter of credit is approved and accepted by our local bank. We are open to discuss the best available options with regard to delivery time. Time is money and we value it. Our delivery terms are usually FOB Mombasa. When customer prefer other coffee delivery terms, we discuss with them to ensure that the coffee gets to their destination in the most convenient, efficient and most economical way possible.

For more information on coffee delivery, kindly contact us by clicking the email link below.
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