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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

1.    Do you offer Coffee Beans Samples?

We offer Coffee Beans Samples to our clients on request. This enables our customers to get an opportunity before they commit themselves or even to make an order with us. The size of the sample is discussed and the methods of forward the sample agreed.

2.    What is your Minimum Order Quantity?

 Our minimum Order Quantity is currently 20ft container i.e. about 320 bags
 of 60 Kilograms. Minimum orders can be discussed. Our bags are either in
 Jute or Sisal bags.

3.    What are your Payment terms?

Our Payments method is usually through a Letter of Credit. We consider this method as safe to both our customers and our company. We always advise our customers to ensure to approve first the coffee bean samples before they commit to procure our coffee.

4.    What is your pricing policy?

Coffee beans prices are highly dependent on both local and international market conditions. This means that coffee prices are volatile and change with global trend. We always advise our customers to contact us to get the latest coffee prices. We update our coffee prices on weekly basis.

5.    What are your Delivery Terms?

Our Coffee prices are usually calculated on Free On Board terms (FOB). When a customer request for other terms of delivery such as Carriage and Freight Paid to (C&F) or in any other delivery terms, we discuss with our customer what is best suitable to them.

6.    What type of Coffee is available in Kenya and the grades?

In Kenya, we have Arabica Coffee Beans. They are sold either as raw green coffee beans or when roasted. Kenya has the best Arabica green coffee beans in the world because of its rich volcanic soils that are well drained.  The rich soil has given our coffee beans unique characteristics of having a well – balanced taste and color and plenty of palate acidity, good body and smooth sweet lemony.
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7.  Does Kenya have Robusta Coffee Bean?

Kenya doesn't grow Robusta Coffee Beans but (DEI) Kenya has the capacity to avail the Robusta beans to you.

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