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Coffee Quality

The most important of all in the production of coffee beans, is the final quality of the cup that you get on your table. Our Kenyan coffee is processed by a wet method in order to ensure the best quality.  Growers pick only the red-ripe cherry.  At the factory, the cherries are sorted before processing and unripe, overripe or diseased cherries removed.  The cherries are then pulped to remove the outer skin.

The slimy sugary coating (mucilage) – which remain on the beans is removed through fermentation process.  Fermentation of parchment is completed within 36 hours. The parchment is dried by placing on the drying tables where it is regularly turned to obtain the bluish color for which Kenya coffee is famous. When it is fully dried the coffee is bagged and ready to be sent to the mills. At the mills the parchment skin surrounding each bean is removed followed by mechanical grading of the coffee into seven separate grades according to size, weight and shape of the bean.

The coffee grading system is set to separate high quality coffee beans from the light and defective ones electronically. Our coffee cuppers / liquerors would subject each grade to a vigorous classification to assign the standards as to the quality of the raw, roasted and cup taste. These grades are then classified based on a numerical reference system on a scale of 1 to 10.  The quality of the raw, roast and the liquor are analyzed and described based on this scale where one (1) is the finest and best and ten (10) is the least favored.  The cup may be described as Fine Fair to Good.  Fair Average Quality (standard 4), Fair, Poor to Fair to Common Plain Liquors.

We purchase our coffee from the weekly auctions and carry out all the pre-auction and post auction quality control in our laboratory. In the search for the right qualities, around 1,500 cups of coffee are tasted weekly and their merits assessed. The team then takes the individual auction lots and carefully blends them to match the requirements of each of our customer.

Below is a list of Green coffee Beans on offer

1.    Kenya Grade AA FAQ Coffee
       Cup Quality is Medium body, Medium acidity and Lemony. The screen size is 18

2.    Kenya Grade AB FAQ Coffee
       Cup Quality is Medium body, Medium Acidity and lemony. The screen size is 16 /17

3.    Kenya Grade PB FAQ Coffee
       Cup Quality is Medium body, Medium Acidity and lemony.

4.    Kenya Grade C FAQ Coffee
      Cup Quality is Light to medium body, light to medium acidity.
      Screen size between size 13 and 15

5.    Kenya Grade MH (Mbuni Heavy) Coffee
       Mbuni Heavy is coffee that has not gone through the wet process (unwashed).
       It comprises about 10% of the   total   crop  – Cup Quality – Fair earth

6.    Kenya Grade ML(Mbun iLight) Coffee
       Mbuni Light is coffee Mbuni that has not gone through the wet process (unwashed).
       It comprises about 10% of the total crop and graded either as Light mbuni (ML)

7.    Robusta Green Coffee Beans screen Size 18

8.    Robusta Green Coffee Beans Screen Size 15

9.    Robusta Green Coffee Beans Screen size 12

We are also able to offer the following certified coffees:

Fair trade
UTZ Cafe
Rainforest Alliance
4C Association

For more about our coffee products contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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