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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Dominion Exporters International Limited (DEI) is convinced that coffee farmers are an invaluable and indispensable group of people that determines the outcome of our coffee production in Kenya. Without their effort, Kenya as a country would result into playing the role of importing coffee, other than the current  role the country plays today of exporting quality coffee to various nations of the world.

In the view of the above, Dominion exporters international is developing a medium – term plan that will see the needs and aspirations of our coffee farmers taken care of and in addition, to ensuring their concerns as farmers are responded to by the government as well as the relevant coffee stakeholders .

One reason why DEI Kenya was established a year ago was to get involved in coffee industry and try to establish the reasons why for over 100 years now, majority of our coffee farmers have remained poor when coffee is sold in millions of USD annually. This money does not trickle down to the poor coffee farmer. Where is the money going? There must be a change of story of our coffee farmers.

Dominion is committed to change the following:

DEI Kenya is doing the following to change the coffee farmers’ scenario on the ground through

a)    Directly looking for international coffee markets and connecting the farmers and their cooperatives directly. This will go a long way to shorten the coffee supply chain. DEI wants to bring coffee consumers and farmers into talking to each other for maximum satisfaction.

b)    Establishment of Dominion Exporters International Foundation.  The resources will be solely used to initiate coffee farmers’ refresher courses / seminars biannually and to organize annual visits to other major coffee growing countries in the world. This exposure will go a long way benefiting our coffee farmers with new ideas, and a feeling that their contribution to the Kenya economy is recognized and appreciated.

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