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About us

Dominion Exporters International Ltd (DEI) Kenya is a coffee trade export company established as an SME in Kenya to create a global platform to enable for the highly sorted after Kenyan quality coffee  to reach the international market in real time.

Through well-established structures that allows for seamless supply chain coordination between the demand and the supply side, the company has been able to adequately meet its customer’s demand hence becoming an excellent link between its customers and the quality of coffee they require.

The Dominion Exporter International Ltd (DEI Kenya) is headquartered in Nairobi Kenya. This has given the company a competitive edge in the marketing of coffee in Africa to the Global Market because Nairobi currently serves as the fastest growing commercial hub in the region. This means our company is well placed to supply regional coffee to any market in the world using our Coastal seaport of Mombasa hence making our coffee beans to reach our customers on real time.

Dominion Coffee; your coffee cup with a difference

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